The Story

Hannah Martin started pottery much later in life. Hannah’s specialty is wheelthrown pieces. She develops many of the glazes used on pieces to create unique color patterns.


Emilia Jones started learning pottery when she was a young teen, taking classes and practicing alongside her mother. Her interests are handbuilding and sculpture.

When Emi and Hannah escaped New York City in the dead of winter, it was with a haphazard plan to get a little experience farming and maybe someday have a sustainable small-scale farm. Through a series of adventures and mis-adventures, they settled in Grayson County. Emi, with a background in pottery, joined Oldtown Pottery as a co-op member and eventually became the Co-op Manager. Hannah later joined as a co-op member, and when it became clear that the two needed dedicated space to practice and develop their art, they decided to build a studio in their basement. Of course, something like that is pretty expensive, so they started saving their pennies and kept their eyes open for good deals on pottery equipment. A used wheel and a 20-year-old kiln were just the start. And that’s when something magical happened: their community supported them financially in the form of a successful kickstarter campaign. HeartMoss Pottery came to be in December of 2014 when Hannah and Emi’s basement became a functioning pottery studio.